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LYUX-60 building mixture production line

1) Dust removal system
2) Packing machine

The production line includes:
Preliminary mixing machine 
Main mixing machine 
Hoppers (6 units.)
Storage: Batching and packing device with two outlets 
Dust removal system  
It is necessary to make foundations for hoppers, depth - 1.7 m 
Hoppers' sizes are by the Cusomer's order 

Main engine power: 18.5 kW
Total power: 30kW
Weight:about  60 tons 
Size of main unit : 6,5*5,6*3,1

Personnel : 4-6
Production area : 30 m 2
Productivity: 10-15 tons/hr
Transportation: one railway platform 
Time of manufacturing - 15 days 

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