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LDULG30 building mixture production line

Purpose:Production of dry mixures used in construction works 
The production line includes:
Hopper (5 units)
Batching and packing device 
Dust removal system 
Time of manufacturing: 5-6 days (the equipment is available but it should be completed)
Main unit's features:
Vertical type of equipment 
Power (main units) 
Main unit - 20 kW
Dust removal system– 1.5 kW
Total: 21.5 kW
Weight  of the whole line - 20 tons 
Height of the  main unit - 2.2m
Length of the  main unit - 6.5m
Width of the  main unit - 3.5m
Personnel : 2-4 persons
Production area  27 m2
Design productivty/shift  : 10-12 tons/8 hrs 
Transportation : two 40 ft/containers 
Photo :
Raw materials: sand, cement, asbestos, etc
Production technol

1) Hopper 
2) Feeder 
3) Mixer 
4) Feeding conveyor
 5) Storage 
6) Automatic packer



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