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Single crystal silicon production equipment. For solar cell panels

Name:Single crystallic silicon production equipment. Single crystallic silicon will be used for production of solar cell panels 
Name of the equipment: Single, drum-shaped crystallic silicone
The production line includes as follows :
1. LDURIF-85 Crystallic silicon growing device
2. LGUF-1046 Crystallic silicone cutting machine
3. LDUQNMTF08 roller mill. It cuts crystallic silicon into drum-shaped pieces
Time of manufacturing: 1 month 
The set doesn't include as follows:
Raw materials washing system, slicing equipment .
It is desireable to purchase slicing equipment made outside China .
LDURIF-85 Crystallic silicon growing device
Max diameter of  extended crystal : 215mm (8.5 inches)
Weight of melted materials : 65 kg
Inner diameter  of the main furnace 
Heating method : graphite resistance 
Seed crystal pulling rate : 0.2-8mm/min.
Seed crystal rotation : 0-20 rpm .
Melting crucible elevating speed : 0.02-1mm/min.
Vacuum limit of the cooling furnace: <3pa
Main transformer's power : 190kW
Elelctic energy consumption : 2300 kWh ( – 40-50 hours/one time ).
Time for one cycle : 40-50 hours
Power consumption/hr : 55kW
Outer size : 5500*3500*6280mm
Weight: 7600kg
Time of manufacturing : 2 months .
Product application: it is used in production of solar cell panels.
The set doesn't include : raw materials washing system 
Purpendicularity : ≤0.03mm
Circular parallelism of rollers : ≤0.01mm
Surface warp degree : ≤Ra0.8
Size accuracy : ±0.02mm 
Outer size: 2800*1400*1960mm
Power: 10.4kW
Total weight: about 4000 kg
Personnel  : 1 person 
Production area : 100 m2
Transporation: one -40 ft. container 
 LGUF-1046 Crystal silcone cutting machine
Crystal silicon (raw material) diameter : 75-230mm
Crystal silicon (raw material) length : 1000mm
Band wheel diameter : 460mm
Band wheel width : 80mm
Band wheel rotation : 0-1225 rpm .
Band wheel engine power  2.2kW
Saw balde size : 3230*38*0.7mm
Feed rate for cutting : 0-20mm/мmin.
Feed board max stroke : 360mm
Receiving board max stroke : 250mm
Outer size : 2600*2390*1850mm
Total weight : 2500kg

DUQNMTF08     roller mill    

Machined product diameter : 4-8 inches 
Max diameter of the machined product: 470mm
Symmetry of cutting : ≤0.03mm
Flatness of cutting : ≤0.04mm
Roundness of  rollers : ≤0.01mm
Peprpendicularity: ≤0.03mm
Circular parallelism of rollers : ≤0.01mm
Surface warp degree : ≤Ra0.8
Size accuracy : ±0.02mm
Outer size : 2800*1400*1960mm
Power: 10.4kW
Total weight : about 4000kg
Design productivity : 65 kg/40-50 hours,
Approximate weight of finished product  -57 kg
Product specifications:
max diameter of extended crystal : 215mm (8.5 inches)
Approximate weight of finished product  -57kg
Raw materials:single crystal silicon, preliminary alloy 

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