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LU-YH Drawings for equipment workshops

Large-size tires cutting workshop

Shop № 1 - workpieces 3х5cm and 10х10cm

1. Finished products warehouse

Shop № 1 - workpieces 3х 5cm and 10х10 cm

2-Tire-to-chips cutter
3-Conveyor belt
4-Tire bead seat extractor
5-Tire bead seat cutter
6-Tire bead seat extruder
7-Hydraulic shears
8-Band cutter
9-Control board
10-Band to workpiece cutter

SHop #2 Crumb and powder prodution

SHOP #2 crumb and powder production
LU-YH-17-6-BEJ/DAL production line

1-Main abrasive unit
2-Belt conveyor
3-Fine polishing vibration sieve
4-Magnetic separator
5-Control board
6-Electric board
7-Vibrosieve connecting rod drive
8- Raw material feed tray
9-Main vibration sieve
10-Ventilation elbow

Shop#3. Production of 12 000 m2 of 500х500x16mm plates

1. Finished products warehouse
2. Large-size products warehouse
3. Paint storage
4. Glue storage
5. Petty fractions storage

Shop#3. Production of 12 000 m2 of 500х500x16mm plates

1-Hopper (bath) for mixing rubber crumb and powder with paint and glue
2-Areal balance
3-Press 3-4-level press for manufacturing rubber tracks
4-Pneumatic tray jack for press-molds
5-Glue and paint/rubber mixing machine (concrete mixer)
6-Tray for press-mold

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