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Nail-making line

Nail-making machine TypeZ94-1C

Nail diameter ≥1.8mm
Nail length -about 2cm
Productivity 400 pcs/min
Electric engine power 1.5kW or 2.2kW
Weight: 500kg
Purpose: Shoe nail production line 

Nail-making machine TypeZ94-3C

Nail diameter 3.4-1.8mm
Nail length -about 80-30mm
Productivity 300 pcs/min
Electric engine power 3 kW
Machine's outer size 2000*1400*1400
Weight: 1ton 
Purpose: medium length building nails
Nail-making machine TypeZ94-4C
Nail diameter 4.5-2.8mm
Nail length -about 100-50mm
Productivity 260 pcs/min
Electric engine power 4kW
Machine's outer size 2500*1500*1350
Weight: 2 tons
Purpose: Large size building length 

Continuous drawing bench 
Fixture materials . Standard number of fixture  195
Diameter: 6.5mm
It consists of 5 drawing sections 
Outer size of one machine  1500х850х2300
Total size of all machines  7500mm х 850 х 2300 mm
Productivity 3 tons/shift 
Diameter of drawing wire  6.5-2.5mm
Electric engine power 78 kW
First machine 18.5кW
Оther machines 15kW х4
Weight: 2 tons
Purpose: turns the fixture into the wire usable for making building nails 

Drawing bench with water cooling 
Productivity - about  2tons/shift 
Diameter of drawing wire  ≤2,5 mm до 1 mm
Electric engine power 30 kW
Machine's outer size 3180*950*870
Weight: 2-3 tons
is used for making fine wire usable for making shoe nails 
Auxiliary equipment for nail making 
Knife grinder 
Electric engine power 0.75kW
Machine's outer size 600*900*950
Weight: 100kg
is used for grinding nail making knife 
Polishing machine
Is used for removing burrs of  a nail-head 
Auxiliary equipment for drawing bench 
bar pointer  (manual drive)
Drawing wire diameter  8mm-1.5mm (entering end end exit end )
Electric engine power 3 kW
Machine's outer size 500*500*1100
Weight: 200kg
Is used for sharpening of the fixture ends(about 20cm)
Jointing and welding machine  Type10

Drawing wire diameter  6,5 mm-1.0mm
Electric engine power 10 kW
Machine's outer size 400*500*1000
Weight: 80kg
Is used for welding joints between two wires 
Wire unloading frame 


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