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Plastic cap production automation

LYUSK-1180 Plastic cap production  thermoplastic automatic machine
Purpose of the equipment: Production of plastic caps for bottles 
The production line includes: Cap-making thermoplastic automatic machine
Time of manufacturing: 1 month 
The set doesn't include:
Plastic molding tools
Depends on bottles and in raw materials .
If the caps are for the bottles with ordinary water and small fraction fines of raw materials are used, then no additional equipment is required .
Specification of main equipment:
Point Brand/unit LYUSK-1180
Screw size - A /B /C
Screw diameter mm 34/ 38/ 42
Screw L/D ratio  Lenght/diameter 23 /20.6/ 18.6
Potential shot volume сm3 154/ 192 /228
Waight of the shot material  gr. 140/ 174 /207
Shot pressure  Mpa 249/ 199 /163
Screw rpm  rpm 5-180
Mold closing force KN 1180
Stroke of  movable plate of the press-mold  mm 330
Thickness of the press-mold  mm 140-380
Localization of the press-mold mm φ125
Buoyant force  KN 45
Buoyancy stroke mm 80
Number of dowels pcs 5
Oil pump engine force  kW 13 (15)
Heating power kW 7.6
Dimensions of the machine м 3.98Х1.25Х1.86
Weight тонна 3.5
Tank volume L. 200
Total power: kW
Oil pump engine power  13 (15)kW
Heating power: 7.6 kW
Total: 20.6kW
Total weight 3.5 tons
Main unit;s size  (L*H*W) 3,98*1.86 *1,25 m
Personnel : 2 persons
Production area  : 18m2
Design productivity/shift  :
It is possible to make 3 pressings.min .
A number of caps for time depends on the customer;s order/ Max amount of caps/time - 18 pcs .
Pressing speed depends on quantity of caps 
Transportation: one 20-ft container 

Specifications of the products: plastic caps 
Raw materials: plastics

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