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Plastic garbage bags production line. Raw materials - waste PET and plastics

1. Feeding conveyor for rim removal  
2. Rim removal machine  
3. Raw materials crusher
4. Raw materials washer  
5. Label separator  
6. Drying
7. Crsuhed and washed materials feeding conveyor 
8. Agglomerator
9. Сooling bath (to be made by a customer )
10. Pelletizer
11.Pellet feeding conveyor for extruder  
12. Extruder  
13. Dye staff batcher  
14. Compressor  
15. Film reception device (including cutting, rewindind and coronary charge  
16. Two color phlexographic machine 
17. Bag production machine 
18. Grip making device  
19.Electric control board 
** Note:
It is possible to add 5 feeding conveyors to increase mechanization and decrease the number of workers .

Productivity - 100-150 kg/hr 
It may work on initial raw materials 

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