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PP plastic packing band production line

Packing PP plastic bands has a series of advantages, namely, they are fine in appearance, light, sticky, moisture-proof, rust-proof, acid-base proof, they have good water absorption qualities, safe in usage, their strength is not affected by water etc. They are used for packing in the fields of consumer goods, textile, clothes, telecommunication devices, books shops, mail, export goods etc.

PP plastic packing band production line has prominent features as follow
1. High automation: After supplying of PP granules, the operations such as heating, melting of mate-rials, extrusion and band formation, stretching, roll forming, winding are performed synchro-nously and ended automatically
2. The same type of the machinery can make products of various width and thickness
3. One machine, many purposes. Using corresponding supplementary machines it is possible to pro-duce various and plastic products of various type (for instance, tube materials)

Main specifications

Model DBD-65-15 DBD-45/55-15{}DBD-45/55-15 {Joint set of two machines, sandwich type)
Engine Power (kW) 35 45
Productivitykg/hr 15-40 20-50
Image of winding Winding of narrow disk or winding of adjusting disk
Weight(kg) 1600 2200
Mounting size(m) 10×2×1.5 9.5×3×1.5

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