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Plastic cap production line

SY-30B Full automation press for production of plastic caps 
Power: 16 кВт
Size: 2400*1300*1700 mm
Weight: 2,8 тонн
Productivity: 10000-12000pcs/hr
Fine-fractioned plastics is sent to the fed bin 
By the effect of high temperature the plastics turns into liquid and then extrusion takes place .
The resultant product is cut into workpieces .
This equipment can press any plastic caps for mineral water bottles .
High quality of products, fine appearance automation temperature control Die molds and raw materials temperatures are adjustable .
The equipment is user-friendly .
SY-30B Semi-automation press for production of plastic caps 
This similar is similar to full automation equipment but for productivity .
Productivity: 8000-10000 pcs/hr
HG-28 Plastic cap centers cutting out machine 
Knife temperature automatic control .
The center of  a cap is smooth with small rims.
Power: 0,6 kW
Productivity: 160 pcs/min.
Net weight: 300 kg
Size: 1060*680*140 mm

The set doesn;t include as follows:
Depending on bottles and raw materils .
In the case of ordinary water and small fractions of raw materials no additional equipment is required .
Operators: 2-3 persons
Production area: 6*3m=18 m2

Size of plastic caps : 25-38 mm
Any size is possible 
Raw materisl: plastics
Transporation: One-20-ft.container 
Time of manufacturing -1 month


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