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LU-YH-CH-3-4-BEJ Hydraulic press set

The equipment for making floor coverings and other types of products

Special ready equipment (it is just necessary to feed raw materials and receive final products with the operator's assistance)

1. Specification:
This equipment serves to manufature unit-type dyed rubber. The production line is equipped with auto control of temperature, auto control of pressure, control lamps, it is of low noise and low vibration. The production line is easy to use, compact, it has many other advantages.

2. Composition:
The equipment consists of three main parts, namely, main unit, hudraulic and electric unit, în general, it is a single unit that is easy in application, mounting, transportation and service

3. Functions:
following the complete warming up and consolidation, it takes 8-10 min to make final product. high productivity allows to reduce the number of workers. A set of moulds allows products as follows: :

  • 1-, 2-,3-, 4 layer sport tracks
  • 2 layer base for artificial lawns
  • Support for rails
  • Soft roofing
  • Soundproof floor mats for industrial premises
  • Footwear material
  • Shock paddings for rails

4. Manufacturer's services

  • Training of the personnel, technical maintenance, mounting and starting the equipment
  • Any modification of the equipment, manufacturing of the equipment by order
  • Warranty
Layer 2 3 4 6
Molds (pc) upper 2, lower 4 upper 3, lower 6 upper 4, lower 8 upper 6, lower 12 the set includes 1 upper mold, 2 lower molds and guiding rails
Molds perimeters(mm) 500*500 500*500 500*500 300*300/500*500
Productivity m2/hr 3.75 5.6 7.5 25/30
Energy consumption (average) 4.5 5 5.5 11
Annual productivity m2 20000 30000 40000 65000
Power consuming kw 14 18 22 34
Weight (tons) 2 2.3 2,5 6

Hydraulic four-gutter press for making floor covers

Rubber track production line is used for treatment of various materials that require hot molding under pressure. For instance, this machine can be used for making rubber products, various hot mold plastics and shapeless products from the above materials. It can also be applied for cold molding, PVC foam, footwear, tires etc. The field of using of rubber track production machines expands more and more.
This production line consists of press, hydraulic device, heating device and other parts. The column type press is reliable and durable. Hydraulic cylinder is installed in the lower part of the production line. The cylinder’s piston moves up and down. The cylinder is made of high quality spheroidal pig iron. It affords accuracy in treatment is safe in operation and very reliable.
There are either 2 or 4 operation levels. Max clearance between levels is 125 mm. There are heating tubular elements inside each heating plate. Heating power of each heating plate is 6,3 kW. Heating temperature of the heating plate is shown by the indicator on the control panel. To adjust temperature modern indicators and controls are used. Heating indicator is installed on the control panel. Accurate and handy temperature control. The machine is supplied with microprocessor based adjustment system. Plates’ temperature is stable the fluctuations are negligible. There’s high accuracy of the heating control. 
Hydraulic device of the mechanical part of the machine has one gear type oil pump and one axial plunger pump. The pumps mounted on the oil tank have simple and reliable design. Hudraulic device operates by itself, its control valve is installed on the main part of the machine. The device and simple and easy to operate. If the customer wants one pump to serve two or three machines, it requires just a little modification. Besides, the production line can be operated without any modifications

Mold closure force: 0,63 mn. (63 tons)
Operation pressure: 16,5 mPa (165 kgs/cm2)
Size of heating plate: 500х500х2 or 400х400х2
Number of operation levels: 2 floors
Clearance between floors: 125 mm
Cylinder’s piston stroke: 250 mm
Cylinder’s piston diameter: 220 mm
Operation temperature: 128-200oС
Total heating power:
Plate 500: 10,8 kW
Plate 400: 9 kW
Electric engine power
Low pressure pump : 1,1 kW
High pressure pump 1,5 kW
Total weight:
of plate 500: is about 2200 kg
Plate 400 about 2000 kg 

Finished products (examples)

Object used Number of tires Products, units of measuring
Additives for asphalt 3500 tires kilometer
High quality road impingment plates 20000 tires kilometer, height 3 m
Covering for a gym (25 mm) 2400 tires Gym 50 m2
Covering for a playing room 300 tires 50 m2
Stadium (15 mm) 6000 tires 3000 m2
Tennis court 700 tires 600 m2
Indoor tracks 1300 tires 1000 m2
Rail paddings 2000 tires kilometer
Metro 20000 tires kilometer


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