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Fuel briquettes, Pressing of dust of brown coal and black coal

Design productivity/shift 8-11 tons/shift. No less than 10 tons/hr (depending on quality of coal)
The production line includes:
Raw material scarfer
Vibration screen , 12tons
Raw material drier, 16tons
Thermal generator of raw material drier
Pressure blower of raw material drier, 12tons
Fire absorbtion system
Binding agents storage double hoppers
Batching device
Mixer, 12 tons
Crusher, 12 tons
Coal dust removal system
Granule-making drum type press
7 connecting conveyors
1 screw conveyor
Packing complex, 12 tons
Number of workers: 4 persons
Production area: 400-600 m2
Operating climate requirements: inside the room
Photos of the equipment
Transporation: six 40ft. containers
Time of manufacturing - 60 working days
Binding substance to be added to the fuel bruiquettes
Specification of product : diameter 30сm-60сm (adjustable)
Raw materials : brown coal, black coal, coal dust, turf
Production technique

1) Sludge scarfer
2) Screen 
3) Attritor 
4) mixer 
5) Binding agent feeding system 
6) Batching device 
7) Feeding of raw materials 
8) Press
9) Sorting
10) Conveyors
11) it is possible to install raw materials dryer outdoors, as it is heat-excessive equipment 
12) Thermal init
13) Hot air pump

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