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Continuous dispersion hopper


Continuous dispersion hopper. Auxiliary equipment:material feeding disk, electric engine, reducer, pulley, belts. The set is also added by guide to keep the air (steam) warm, assembling reinforcements. Steam or warm air is fed through double-layered structures, it keeps the inert materials from congelation all the year round. Cement-mud unit consist of three bins for materials (sand, slag, siftings and two units for cementing elements. Productivity - 35m3/hr. The set doesn't include water supply system and foundations. The excessive heat, generated in brick production presses on in drying pressure chambers serves to heat the hopper.

The concrete-mortar unit serves as follows:

1. To mix and store initial materials in production of wall blocks by hydro and vibropressing.
2. To produce inert and cementing element mixtures, and in productiion of bricks by hyperpressing.
These units can be employed in production of common concrete mixtures. In this case the set should be added by boiler to supply heat in winter.The system is designed for operation at 30 C below zero. Operating conditions of mixture and inert materials are guaranteed by simultaneous heating of all the structure and constant mixing of inert materials.
Diameter 2m. Height 4,7 m


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