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Thermal plastic automation

The company produces thermoplastic for blowing various bottles. It is the leader among the suppliers of this field The company also designs and produces various press- molds for production of plastic products



Bottle blowing molds
Plastic PET prepressed molds
Machine for prepressed molds

1. Each type of equipment can simultaneously produce various plastic products such as:
PET preforms
Plastic caps
Other plastic consumer goods

2. PET pre-forms. Plastic covers and other plastic molds of various types are produced automatically by this gear
 PET pre-forms are the main products of this company. The company applies advanced thermal technologies and hi-quality raw materials. Particularly, accurate control conditions of moldings used in PET bottle production reduce the defects to minimum

3. Automatic equipment for blowing bottles
Automatic bottle blowing equipment is divided into three series:
PET series is good for blowing out small bottles, the most popular brand of this series is MG-3000 This model of automatic blowing equipment can blow various bottles for mineral waters, it also make packing for butter and eggs. For this model automatic system of press forms production is characteristic.
PET series using hot molding. This full-automation equipment produces bottles at high temperature, thus reducing the amount of the used raw materials. 100 °C is the highest temperature at high molding
PP –series is a special automatic equipment for blowing plastic bottles for packing of medical liquids at high temperature. At present PP series producing plastic bottles is widely used for packing of liquid medicinal preparations. The bottles are disinfected with water steam. PP series secures the production of high quality package.


Five-gallon bottle blowing equipment  
Automatic PET series bottle blowing equipment , consists of four parts
Automatic PET series bottle blowing equipment , consists of four parts

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