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KSU Vertical Plastic molding machine

MOdel: KSU-150


1.Molding of plugs for elecric wiring.
2. Construction plastics (ABS, LCP liquid crystal polymers, PC polycarbonate).
3. Ebonite moulding.
4.Moulding of semi-conductors, moulding of radio-details.
5.Manufacturing of pen cases, bottle plugs.
6. Manufacturing of fishing whistles and spectacles.
7. Formation of rubber, silicon rubber and latex.
8. Formation of two-colored plastic products.
9. Manufacturing of PU soles for footwear.
10. Manufacturing of ZIP fasteners.


Specification KSU-150 KSU-250
Screw diameter 22-26 mm 26-28 mm
Mold working path 200 mm 300 mm
Main engine power 1,8 кВт 1,8 кВт
Amount of one-time injected plastics 40-49 g 40-49 g
Weight   1200 kg
Mold clamping force   1000 kN

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