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LQD 1200 rubber cutter


It is used for cutting tires of diamter of no more than 1200 mm .
Main specifications :
Hydraulic system pressure :16Mpa(ma*20Mpa)
Main oil drum : HSGK 01-200/110H S=450
Oil cylinder lock: HSGK01-100/50H S=350
Rated cutting force : 502654 N(50 т)
Max cutting force : 628317 N(62 t)
Max clamping force : 100000 N(10 tons). Adjustable
Cutting speed: ma*2100mm/min adjustable
Clamping speed: ma*4200mm/min
Engine power: 5.5KW/7.5KW
Required tire standard :max 1200mm
Size: 3000*1500*2200
Weight: 4000kg
Delivery during one month

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