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Small size rubber wheel production equipment

Main unit - press
Metal mold is not included in the set
Heating power: 7.2 kW
Upper press loading - 1000kg
Lower press loading -120 kg
Lifting height of upper press -110 mm
Spacing between presses – 150mm-450mm
Piston stroke (max) – 300 mm
Total power:12,60 kW
Weight: 1800 kg
Size: 2,4*1,4*1,2 m
Production area:10 m2 (550mm*500mm)
Designed productivity: 20-30 pcs/hr. depending on the mold size
It takes 6 minutes to make press located wheels from the rubber
Raw materials: rubber (wheels of diameter of 10cm-20 cm
Manufacturing techique :pressing of rubber into wheels
Personnel: 2 persons
Transportation: 1 -20" container
Time of manufacturing : 20-25 days

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