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Glass magnesium sheet production line

The production line includes as follows:
Kneading machine : 1 unit.
Moulding press : 1 unit.
Automatic horizontal transfer shuttle : 16 pcs.
Molds : 300 sets.
Automatic cutter : 1 unit.
Control panel : 2 units.
Natural drying 4-5 days.
Type of equipment : Glass magnesium sheet automatic production line
Productivity: 70 sheets/hr
The resultant product :Fireproof glass magnesium sheet, cement sheets
Size of a sheer : 1200mm*2400mm*6~15mm (depending on shape)
Special features of the equipment: Labor- saving, low cost, easy-mountable, easy in operation
Raw material feeding
Automatical plate feeding
Oxygen stove
Automatic cutting
Electric control
Clearing of molds
Flow chart:
Kneading-->Pressing-->Transportation-->Breaking-->crosswise-->Oxygen stove-->Receiving of sheet-->Cutting-->Finished products
Raw materials: magenesium oxide, glass, sawdust, textile, etc
Production area : Length - 80m, Width - 9m or length 40M, width - 12M
Personnel: 6-8 persons/shift


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