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Powerbuilt F-40 Foam block production machine

Model Powerbuild F-40
Method of movement:Hydraulic pressure piston
Active voltage/power: 380V, 37KW/50HZ
Productivity : 18~30m3/hr ( adjustable)
Movement distance :vertical 150m, horizontal 600m
Operating pressure: 16MPA
Dimensions: 1300*1200*2500m/m

Description of goods :
1) Insulation: Thermal conductivity : 0.030—0.080W/(M•.K)
2) Lightness: weight within 380—1600kg/m3
3) Acoustic transmission 0.09—0.19%
Foam block THK100mm — 500Hz — 28Db
Brick THK100mm — 500Hz — 46Db
Concrete THK100mm — 500Hz — 48Db
4) Longevity -like that of concrete cement
5) Possible application: it is possible to saw, drill, plane and spike,
6)Production- adjustable. In any place it is possible to produce 80-2000 м3 day


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