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EPE foam sheet production equipment

EPE foamboard is a soft packing material,with good shock absorption, vibration resistance, light, resilient hard to form, with easy shape reconstruction. –It preserves temperature, is moisture-resistant, heavy-abradable, and rust resistant. It has good resistance against static elecrticity, that's why EPE are widely used for packing domestic electronics (semi-conductors, TV sets, refrigerators, computers, cell phones, etc), measuring devices, breakable goods (such as lamps and glass).

1. Production process

Raw materials
Foaming agent Mixing SHrink agent
v v v
Filling machine Feed Filling machine
of foaming agent Bin shrinking agent
Melting, Plastization
Foam extrusion
Calibration and cutting
Cooling and extraction
Finished products

2. Production.
First PE and other raw materials are mixed, fed to the bin of the extruder, there they are melted and mixed. Simultaneously, foaming agent (butan) and melted monoglycerides are fed to the middle part of the extruder to be mixed with the preliminary melted plastics. The materials are extruded and molded using head and mold, then they are cooled, stretched, levelled and wound.
3.Raw materials
2. Butan
4. Other auxiliary materials
4. Size of the equipment
1 WIdth of equipment - 1300~1100 mm
2 Thickness of the equipment 0.5~3.0 mm
3 Diameter of the extruder 90/50
4 Screw speed 5~45 rpm
5 Foaming increases the product by 20~40 times
6 Cooling : Blowing, water
7 Power 90 kW
8 Size 22000?2300?2200 mm
9 Weight 8.5 tons
1 Extruder 1 unit.
2 Butane feeding system - 1 unit .
3 Monoglyceride feeding system 1 unit.
4 mold of the head -1 unit.
5 Calibration and cutting system 1 unit.
6?Stretching and levelling system 1 unit.
7 Winding machine 1 unit.
6. Description of machines
1.Extruder : 1 unit.
Raw materials feeding table : 1 unit.
Raw materials elevator : 1 unit.
Wedge-shaped Bin. Volume : 50 L
Drive motor:AC explosion proof machine
Drive power: 37kW
Speed control method : frequency control
Reducer's box : 1 unit.
Type :Box with horizintal gears. Gears materials : High quality alloyed steel
Raw materials drum Diameter: ?90 mm. Materials 38CrMoAl, high quality alloyed steel, nitrogene surface .
Heating sites : 8 sites, permanent temperature automatic control.
Heating method: explosion proof electric heater made of alloyed aluminum
Power: 30kW
Cooling method :water spraying
Screw: Diameter 90 mm.
L/D ratio : 50:1
Materials: 38CrMoAl, high quality alloyed steel, nitrided surface
Speed: 5-45 rpm
2. Butane feeding system: 1 unit.
Butane appearance : liquid butane, purification degree is more than 90%
Feeding machine:Piston batching pump
Feeding method : feeding by high pressure
Feeding pressure : 10~30 MPa
Feeding amount control: piston stroke control
Pump drive:explosion proof motor
Drive power is : 1.5 kW
3.Momoglyceride feeding system
Feeding method :feeding of liquid monoglycerine under pressure and at high temperature
Feeding machine : a single piston pump
Feed pressure: 10~30MPa
Feed amount control :frequency control
Pump drive : explosion-proof motor
Power: 1.5 kW
4.Head, die mold : 1 unit.
Foam die mold : wedge-shaped expanding die mold
Material of the die mold : alloyed steel
Size: product width 1300~1100 mm ( one device should be chosen, depending on the required length)
Thickness of the products : 0.5~3.0mm, 1 unit (adjusted)
Head heating method:electric heater from stainless steel.
Heated size : 2 sections
Method of control: automatic control of maintenance of permanent temperature
Heating power : 5 kW
Cooling method : blowing
5. Calibration and cutting method : 1 unit.
Calibration cooling method : water, blowing
Cooling power : 0.75 kW
Calibration size: 1300~1100 mm (one device should be chosen, depending on the required length)
Material of the cooling fan:jet plastic
Blowing method: Circulation. Blowing source : ventilator
6. Drawing and levelling system: 1 unit.
Drawing system : steel polishing roller
Drive:AC explosion-proof machine
Speed control:frequency
Drive power : 2.2 kW
Levelling system: levelling pedestal made of stainless steel
Width of drawing and levelling: 1300
7. Winding machine: 1 unit. WInding method :Console vertical automatic winding
WInding positions: double winding position
Driving : engine moment
Machine power: 2.2 kW
Speed control : stepless control
Roll diameter : 1 m (max.)
Roll's weight : 30 kg. (max.)
7. Requirements to the equipment .
1. Feeding source : 3 boxes 380V 50HZ
2. Cooling water : 0.6 m3/hr (circulation)
3. Foaming agent - butane : power:30MPa volume: 0.3~0.5 L/min. purification : more than90%
4. Air source : power: 0.7MPa, volume: 0.9 m3/min.
5.Floor surface : cement, thickness 15 cm, under equipment - 30 см.
1.The aggregates should be mounted on level cement floor, thickness no less than 15 cm. Cement thickness for extruder and main electric engine should be no less than 30 cm.
2. Main machine and main electric engine are to be fixed on the floor by M16 metal expanding bolts, other aggregates are not to be fixed .Butane pump and other pumps may be fixed by M10 bolts.
3. According to equipment layout, all the machines should be mounted regularly by the central line.Distance between auxiliary machines should be controled as required by specific shop.Electric control board, shrinkproofing pump, butane pump, stirrer and other auxiliary aggregates are located according to the conditions of the shop.
4. Electric appliances of the machines should be properly grounded.
5. To finish mounting it is necessary to install electric wiring, water channel and air inlet channels.
9. Machine power consumption .
Power of all the machines: 90 kW. As main machine engine and electric heater operates at intervals (they do not work simultaneously), then totally 30- 50% of power is consumed
10. Number of workers. This equipment is rated for 3-shift operation.

Serial number Functions Factory personnel Non-factory personnel
Operating workers Auxiliary workers Engineering personnel Service personnel
1 Production shop - - 2 -
2 Operation 6 - - -
Control - 1 - -
3 Control - - - 2
Total: 11 persons


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