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Aluminum panel production equipment

XT-LSB-1300 model

1.Euqipment installation equipment :
This equipment is used for production of internal and external panels. It has prominent features as follows: High level of automation, high production rate, no roughness on the surface, high qaulity, high strength of the finished products, low energy consumption, continuous operation
2. Workflow :
The panel is subjected to cross-breaks levelling, preliminary thermal treatment, gluing pressing. The glue interacts with the board, the face and back sides are glued and pressed under temperature, following by repeated pressing, then the board is formed by low temprerature press, the panel is cooled, coated with protective layer. The panel's edges are cut, the panel is stretched, then the panel is cut by length. After that the panel is transported and warehoused.
Max roll diameter : 1200mm
Weight of the press: 750 kg
Panel's width: 900mm-1250mm
Panel's thickness: 2-6 mm
Production rate : 1-3 m/min
The panel's length : 2440-6000 (by the Customer's desire )
Max weight of aluminum roll : 2-5 tons
Bush sleeve diameter: 405 mm (by the Customer's desire)
Outer size of the equipment: 35000mmX5400mmX3000mm
Electric energy consumption : 380V50HZ
Voltage: 380V±10%
Frequency Hz: 50Hz±1Hz
Total power: 320 kW
Cooling liquid:
Hydropressure: 4-5 kg/cm2
Water temperture 14-30 gr.
Water consumption : 5m3/Hz
Pressed raw materials hopper: 1 m3/Hz
Cooling shaft: 3 м3/Hz
Cooling of hot pressing shaft head :1 m3/hHz
Environment, required for the equipment operation:
Temperature: 15-30
Temperature: 30-80%
Raw materials required :
Width of aluminum band : 1240mm
тhickness of aluminum band : 0.1mm-0.5mm
Aluminum band meets the requirements of GB 3190-1996
Aluminum alloy 1100 and 1145
Metal plate annelling : H18
Thickness of the film :
L-LDPE:thickness - 2.0mm-5mm*1240mm
of layer of rosin :0.05-0.08mm*1240mm
Thickness of protective film: 0.08mm*1240mm
4. Basic layout:Extruding machine :
Plastics extrusion machine:
Quality of extrusion : 700kg/hr
Type of rod : Ø150*30L/D
Type of ventilation 1 unit
Main generator: 200kW
DC machine 1 unit
Drive type :wedge-shaped , 7 units
Reducer's type:Horizontal - 1 unit
Raw materials feeding : vacuum feeding
Rod diameter:Ø150
EXtension cord: :L/D28
Rod material : chromolibden aluminum 38
Rod type :undulating rubber mixer
Nitrided covering
Rod rotation speed : 10-60/m
Shaft's material :chrom-molybdenum alluminum 38
Nitrided inner surface of turbomill
Temperature control section: Fifth section
Heating method - heating device made of alloyed aluminum
Heating power - 62 kW
Cooling method:water-based cooler
Feeding method: Vacuum feeding
Material of the machine block: casting and textuator
Electric cabinet : DC control machine
12 temperature control section
Vacuum feeding control. Extruding shaft heating section :
Heating device made of alloyed aluminum, heating power - 62 kW
Temperature control section :
Frontal heating section : straining of head :
Section, power -7 kW head:
5th section, heating power : 15kW
T-type die mold : Branched type, head length is 1320 mm
Slot width: 1.0 -3.0 mm
Die mold length control method :
Control by inserting handle, control area is 900mm-1300mm
Die-mold material: chrome, chromium plated coating, adjustment of the size and width of the slot
Temperature control screw section: 5th section L.
Heating power: 15 kW 
Compound shaft section: water cooling
Length of the shaft operating surface is 1300mm
COmpound shaft rotation speed : 1-4m/min
Compound shaft thickness : 2-6mm
Components of the shaft : shaft, 2 units
The shaft is made of steel 45 and steel of the alloyed pipes
Mixing elecric machine : YVF-90LI-4-15 1 unit
Reducer: XWED-1.5–63-319 1 unit
Frequency converter : FR-V5401.5K (Mitsubishi) 1 unit
Pressing steam drum :Ø125*60 2 units
Pressure: 6-8pA
Machine aggregate material: cast iron
Water refrigerating unit: Rotating water refrigerating unit
First complex heat treating equipment
Type of the hot shaft :electric heating of oil inside the shaft
Length of the active surface of the shaft : Ø320mm*1300mm
The shaft is made of steel 45 and steel of the alloyed pipes
Shaft rotation speed : 1-4m/min
Number of hot shafts : 4 units
Complex electic machine : frequency converter -1 unit
Type of electric machine: :YVF-100LI-4-2•2kW
Reducer's model:XWED2 2-74-319
Modulator: FR-V5402.2K Mitsubishi, 1 unit
Heating method : Electric heating of the inner part of the shaft
Heating power : 16kW
Temperature control section : 4-th section
Thermal regulation : TZ4ST- 04S (South Korea) 4 units
The heating is controlled by 80А relay, 4 units
Thermal control range: 0-300o C
Heating mediator: 340# heat conducting oil
Press steam drum : Ø125*60 4 units
Pressure: 6-8 pA
Recombination thickness: 2-6mm
Mixing electric machine. Method of pin cooling: rotating machine with cold water.
Aluminum coil untwisting machine
Model of untwiting machine :pneumatic semiaxis
Unreeling thickness is 1300mm
Unreeling diameter is 1200mm
Reinforced machine :reinforced type steam drum
Power control - magnetic power propelled decelerator - 2 units
Decelerator's model: 400 N.M
form-wound coil diameter is Ø150mm, Ø220mm, Ø45mm, Ø505mm (Customer's option)
Orienting system :Electric orientator
Machine structure: Soldered in steel structures
Thermal cabinet for after-treatment
Type: Heating with IR far rays
Heating method: IR quartz sleeve
Side roll : Ø100mm*1300mm 4 units
Secondary thermal pressing complex machine
Type of hot shaft -electric heating oil inside the shaft.
Acting shaft surfacial length: Ø320*1300mm
Complex shaft material: steel 45 and soldered in steel pipes constructions
Rotating speed : 4м/м
A number of complex hot shafts: 4 units
Complex electric machine : Mixing electric machine - 1 unit
Type of electric machine : YVF-90LI-4-1,5
Reducer: XWED-1.5–63-319 1 unit
Modulator: FR-V5402.2K, Mitsubishi 1 unit
Heating method : Electric heating of inner part of the shaft
Heating power : 16kW
Temperature control section : 4th section
Thermal regulator: TZ4ST-04S (SOuth Korea) 4 units
The heating is controlled by 80А relay, 4 units
Thermal control range : 0-3000C
Heating mediator: 340# thermal conducting oil
Press steam drum :Ø125*60 4 units
Pressure: 6-8 pA
Thickness: 2-6 mm
Method of pin cooling: rotating machine with cold water
Materials: cast iron and steel details
Complex cooling machine
Shaft type: circulating water cooling
Length of operating shaft surface: Ø320*1300mm
Shaft's material :steel 45 and soldered in steel constructions
Shaft rotation speed : 1-4 m/min
Number of cooling shafts : 4 units
Complex electric machine : mixing electric machine, 1 unit
Type of electric machine: YVF-90LI-4-1,5 XWED-1.5–63-319 1 unit
Reducer: XWED -1.5–63-319, 1 unit
Modulator: FR-V5401.5K Mitsubishi, 1 unit
Press steam drum : Ø125*60 4 units
Pressure: 6-8pA
Thickness: 2-6mm
Material of the body :cast iron and steel
Cooling machine :
Type:Upper layer air cooler
Ventilation machine: 5.5 kW
Exhaust machine : 1.1 kW
Side roller: Ø100*1300mm 10 units.
Levelling machine:
Levelling type: multiroller leveller
Leveller's diameter : Ø150*1300mm
A number of levelling rollers - : 11 pcs
Material: steel 45 and soldered in steel.
Protective film cutting machine:
Type: conveyor
Film feeding roller : Ø75*1300mm
Roller rotation speed :arbitrary sinchronicity.
Extension of the fed film : 25N
Magnetic powder propelled brake 1 unit
Тype of megnetic powder brake: FDZ-2.5
Film laying roller : Ø65*1300mm 1 unit
Cutting width : 900mm-1300mm
Cutting thickness : 2 -6mm
Edge-cutting blade diameter : Ø100mm
Type: 4-roller sinchronous tractor
Traction roller material : steel 45 and soldered -in steel with silicon acid gel on the surface
Roller traction : Ø320*1300mm 4 units
Traction electric machine :Mixing electric machine - 1 unit
Type of electric machine : YVF-100LI-4- 2•2kW
Reducer's type: XWED2.2-74-319
Modulator: FR-V5402.2K Mitsubishi, 1unit
Press steam drum : Ø160*60mm 4 units
Pressure: 6-8 pA
Tractor's thickeness: 2-6mm
Body material : cast iron and steel
Cutting machine to determine the length : 
Type: automatic, continuous
Cutting size: 1220mm*2440mm-3000mm,
Plate thickness : 2-6 mm
Electric machine power : 2.2kW
Cutting machine's material :silicone, chrome
Movable electic machine : 0.55
DC machine, feeding area :
Type: multiroller conveyor
Drive roller diameter : Ø65mm*1300mm
Number of drive rollers: 20 pcs
Transfer electric machine : 0.55
Control cabinet: Electric cabinet of the extruder : 1 unit
Main machine electric cabinet: 1 unit
Electric cabinet of the whole equipment : 1 unit
Compressing machine : Type: V-0,67/7, 5,5KW 1 unit

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