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YG-100 PVC machine

The production line includes:

  • Cone-shaped twin screw extruder – 1 unit.
  • Die mold (thickness of product is 1000 mm) – 1 unit.
    Material: 3Cr17 stainless steel
    Built-in cooling and vacuum system
    Pneumatic removal of boards
  • Vacuum forming device(including vacuum pump and water pump) – 1 unit.
    Water and vacuum pumps
    The length of forming device : 6000 mm
    Useful length of the support : 1800 mm
  • Gluing machine (carrier) – 1pc.
    Adjustment of the high low part distance helps to adjust the carrier's force
    Width of gluing plate : 40 mm
    Total length : 1000 mm
    Applicable length of the clamp : 3000 mm
    Distance adjustment: manual adjustment, drum.
    Speed adjustment : frequency adjustment
  • Automatic cutting machine (cross-cut motion) – 1 unit.
    It automatically measures the length and cuts
    Pneumatic system
    LM direct bearing
    Returnable cutting device
  • Raw materials feeding device (drive force ) – 0.55 kW – 1 unit.
    Diameter of transmitting steel rollers: 60 mm*5
    Total length 35 m
    Number of workers - 7 persons
    Production area (min) 500 m 2
    Main machine's features : weight 38 tons, Height 1200 mm, width 2000 mm
    1.Screw – model:92/188
    Speed: 10-33m/min.
    Surface treatment hot nitride treatment
    Screw temperature adjustment: Permanent temperature control
    Material: 38CrMoAIA
    Diameter: 92mm*2
    Material: 38CrMoAIA
    Inner side : hot nitride treatment
    Temperature control sites : 5
    Heating power: 50 kW*220V
    Heating : using electric resistance
    Cooling : blow-off
    3.Vacuum pump (air tap)
    Model: SZ-2
    Power : 2.35 kW*4 phases
    4.Feeding bucket (batching bucket )
    material: Stainless polished steel
    Power: 0.1 (AC)
    Helical gearing
    material of the gearing: 20CrMnTi
    Impregnation: Oiling
    Hardness of the gear : HRC54-62
    Direct connection
    Power: 110 kW (AC)
    7.Machine block
    Structure: Welded U-sections, steel plates.
    material: Q235
    8.Speed controller
    Frequency control
    9.Temperature control
    LCD scree, PID control
    Temperature :0-3990С
    Manufacturer: OMRON (Japan)
    Temperature control sites : 15 pcs.
    10.Low pressure device
    Contact button (Chinese manufacturer )
    Connector and disconnector DELIXI (China)
    Power of main units :
    1.Die mold heating : 30 kW
    2.Vacuum pump (vacuum forming device): 7.5 kW*2, 11 kW*2
    3.Water pump (vacuum forming machine ): 7.5. kW
    4.Gluing device : 6 kW
    5.Drive power of raw material feeding device: 0.55 kW
    Total energy 200 kW
    Manufacturing time 2.5 months
    Raw materials mixer, crusher, de-tracing machine

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