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EPS foam making machine

EPS FJL-600/1200 EPS foam making machine:

Width of sheet (mm) 640
Sheet thickness (mm) 1.5~4
Max.Width of forming (mm) 600
Max thickness of forming (mm) 1200
Height of forming(mm) =<165
Output velocity (times/hr) 180~420
Energy consumption of oven(kw) 30
Electricity consumption for vacuum pump motor(kw) 4.5
Speed radio of airing(m3/h) 160
Electricity consumption for air computer(KW) 7.5
Exhausted volume(m3/h) 1.2
Voltage(V/Hz) 380/50
Size(mm) 8500 X1500 X2250
Weight(kg) 4800


Container 1 Vacuum pump Germany
2 Electromagnetic valve Japan
3 Computer Germany
4 Relay control Japan
5 Air cylinder Sino-German joint venture
6 Vibration system Jiangsu Yangzhou (China)
7 Temperature The temperature-control appearance of intelligence
8 cooling sprayer Japan
9 Oil pump DanNiXun
Oil crock Overflow valve Sino-German joint venture
Reverse valve Sino-German joint venture
Oil crock Sino-German joint venture
Cooling machine Ningbo (China)

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