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Straw pulp production technology

 1. Technology

There are several dozens receipts of pulp (cellulose) production

The reagents are chosen depending on their prices in the region at the moment

 Pure raw materials.

(rice and wheat straw, sunflower, cotton, corn and reed stalks)    


Crumbled raw materials             Liquid reagents

3 pools of preliminary immersion removal of lignin and acids during water circulation                      


spiral heater              add acid reagents

         Sublimation   add acid reagents




Fiber separation machine       add acid reagents for bleaching of  paste

Spiral conveyor

High concentration  pulp preparation unit   add methyl cellulose and dispergator


Spiral conveyor

Poured cellulose machine

medium concentration pulp preparation machine   add bleaching reagents (optic bleaching agents)

press filter



2.Calculation of physical resources. Process characteristic

         Pulp yield degree 22—25°SR, wet weight >3,5gr

         Is good for production of  light-weight paper,  paper cups, it is white70-80%adjustable

         If it is for other type of paper, such as writing paper, magazine paper, etc,), it is necessary to use supplementary low concentration paste makers, the pulp yield degree is 40--45°SR, wet weight >3--4g

Consumption :

         1, wood chips: 1,3—1,4 tons of woodchips per 1 ton of pulp, 2 tons of rice or 4 tons of wheat agricultural wastes for 1 ton of pulp

         2, chemical reagents:480—600 RMB – 1 ton of pulp

         3, electricity: 800--1000 kwh/ 1 ton of  pulp

         4,gas : 0,5—0,7 ton /1 ton of pulp

         5, steam 4 tons/hour

         6,flocculants 200 kg/.day

         7, water   35 tons/1 ton of product


Reagent – it is possible to choose from the list below

1lamellar caustic 6 tons of  raw materials

2 Perhydrol;  1%  of raw materials

3 Bleaching (chlorine)lime   30/T   of raw materials от сырья                        

4 Polyacrylamide   1kg / T of the finished product

5 methyl cellulose        4kg /Ton of the finished product

6 disperator    1kg/Ton of the finished product  

7 sodium thiosulfate       2kg/ton of the finished product

8 bleaching agent   2kg/ton of the finished product




1) Ball-shaped sublimation boiler, 3 units

Amount of raw materials  – 7200 kg

2) Raw material size – 20 mm (torsion causes different sizes of materials)

3) Cycle duration – 8 hours

4) Readiness test – by passport

5)Size at outlet – 20 mm min 1 mm

6) water supply + vapor – 1800 L

7) Drainage – 600-400 L

Reagents  NaOH -21% - 400 kg

H2SO4  or hydrogen  peroxide– 1400 kg  together with water, adding reagents 2.75



Pool No1.

Raw materials  – 5000 kg

Size – max – 10 mm, min -1 mm

Cycle of  pool no 1 – 1 hr

Readiness test – by time

Raw materials size at  outlet – 1-10 mm

Water supply – 120 tons

No water drain during the cycle

Personnel for the pool -1 persons

Reagents –no

No necessity to clean

Pool No 2

Raw material size 1-6 mm

The other data are similar to that of pool 1

Pool No 3 

Similar to that pool 2

Pool No 5

Fed raw materials – 7000 kg7000 kg + water – 120 tons.

Adding calcium hypochlorite, concentration – 31% amount of  calcium hypochlorite – 8400 kg

Cycle – 7 hours

Personnel -1 person. It is washed using hoses after each cycle

Pool No 6 – doesn’t differ from pool No 5

Pool 4 (the last one )

Fed materials – 8000 kg

Size of fed materials -1-3 mm

No water is required

No personnel, no chemicals are required

High pressure separating screen, 2 units

Fed materials -2000 kg/hr

Size of materials at inlet – max 20mm

Outlet size is of no importance because of  softening

Cycle – 1 ton/hr

Personnel – 2 persons

Abrasive mechanism

Raw materials – 2400 kg/hr

Size -1-20 mm

Size at outlet – 1 -6 mm

Full automation, no personnel is required, any worker passing by can make a required action at the moment when it is necessary


Vibration screen

Raw materials – 2400 kg/hour

Size at inlet – 1-20 mm

Outlet size – 1 – 8 mm

no personnel is required, any worker passing by can make a required action at the moment when it is necessary


Pulp pump

It is necessary to add oil under studs (as required but at  least once a month) Check every day

It is necessary to often check vacuumization process

In the case of dripping it is necessary to tighten the screws


Functions of two shaft press

Removal of water


Concerning mixers (if they are clogged up or out of work)

It is necessary to replace bearings


As for reagent tanks, there’s a special pump to add them, with a gage glass showing the amount

4. A list of machines, 2o tons/day

  1. Conveyor, 1 unit
  2. Pack cutter, 1 unit
  3. Conveyor 4 units
  4.  Crusher- 1 unit
  5. Vibration screen
  6. Suspended mixer  – 10 p units

7        Sublimation machine – 3-6 units (Buyer's choice)

8        Disk meter

9        Chemicals storage silo

10    Chemicals dispenser

11    Spiral conveyors -  units

12    Refiner -2 units

13    Lignin removal device

14    Fiber splitter – 3 units

15    High pressure screen – 2 units

16    Pulp concentrator – 2 units

17    Pulp pumps – 8 units

18    Vents and valves -32 pcs

19    Compressor  – 2 units

20    Water pumps – 4 units (are not included in the price)

21    Machines control panels – 7 units

22    Waste trap for pulp -1 units

23    Pulp drier

24    Pulp extraction press

25    Packer

Auxiliary equipment

26 Closed circuit water consumption complex (is not included in the price, 1 600 000 RMB) including :

27 Floatation machine (Is not included in the price)

28  Cleaning press (not included in the price

29 Aeration machine (is not included in the price)

30 Filter screen (is not included in the price)

31 Water pumps – 4 units (Is not included in the price)

32 Thermal unit (is nit included in the price. Price 600 000 RMB

33. Full set of fitting accessories (Is not included in the price. Price is 1 450 000 RMB, and it takes three 40 ft. containers to transport it

34/ Mounting, starting-up and adjustment. 6 person months,  6 engineers, the buyer gives 10-12 skillful workers at their disposal, 15% of  the equipment cost, 1 000 000 RMB

The production line of higher capacity have the same set of untis of higher capacity

The price of  the production line (20 tons/day) doesn’t include construction of pools, foundations, delivery mains for cold water and sewage Transportation 3-6 oversize cargj places and fourteen 40 ft.containers


Price: 20 tons  3 100 000 RMB. Raw material consumption – 80 tons/day

The price “all included” 6 750 000 RMB

  1. NB

This the final price, no discounts are given. If you want to haggle, please, do not waste your time


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