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Construction materials production equipment

Production of  sheet-shaped construction materials  of wide application .
  1. Reusable falsework for monolythic concrete structures 
  2. Fence slabs
  3. Underlying plates that level floor for linoleum or parquetry 
  4. Decorative elements for balconies and loggias 

The production line includes:
Molding machine
Cutting machine
Horizontal mixing machine
Crosscutting machines
Longitudinal layering machines

Time of manufacturing -10 days
Mold  100 pcs

Machine Length Width Height Power Weigth Final product size
Molding mach 13 m 1.5 m 1.5 m 2.2 kW 1500 kg 600сmх72сmх0.5сm, weight48 kg.
Cutting machine 4.2 m 2.3 m 0.7 m 12 kW 800 kg 180 сmх72сm х0.5сm, weight16 kg
Horizontal mixing machine 1,6m 1,05m 0,85m 3.0 kW 300 kg  
Vibration screen 1,7m 1,5m 0,5m 1 kW 200 kg  
Paint machine 1,2m 1m 0,5m 1,2 kW 300 kg  
Molds 6,0m 0,72 m 0.002сm Steel   100 pcs
Speed of the molding machine can be adjusted.
The length of  products manufactured by the molding machine is adjustable, the width cannot exceed 72 cm .
Power: 20 kW
Total weight– 2 600 kg
weight of the main unit - 1500 kg
Height: 1.5 m
Length: 13 m
Width: 1.5m
Number of workers: 3-4 persons
Production area :160 m² (Length- 20m* Width-8m*  height in mold storage area - 6.5 m. )
Temperature: More than 10 C
Transportation one  -40- ft container
Molding machine

Cutting machine


Horizontal mixing machine 
Size of materials  180сmх72сm
Raw materials: Magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, PE film, PE filaments (cord), sand (replaceable by talc), sawdust (replaceable by  glass fiber)
It is necessary to have 25 tons of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride/month
The price of 1 ton of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride imported from China is 340 $.ton
Total 8 500 $/month 
It is also necessary to have one water reservoir  of  capacity of  4 m²  or the same supply of  flowing water
Productivity : 550-600 running meters/shift 

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